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Saf-T-Knife Station T-Stick Saf-T-Wrap Station - Film Foil & Date Label Dispenser
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Saf-T-Knife Station T-Stick Saf-T-Wrap Station - Film Foil & Date Label Dispenser
Keep your knives organized with the STK1008 8 slot Saf-T-Knife station. The easy-to-clean 3-piece Saf-T-Knife station is completely dishwasher safe with a clear-view door to provide assurance that each knife is clean, sanitary and ready-to-use.

The slots on top of the station are configured to accommodate up to 8 knives of a variety of lengths and widths. Additionally, there is a slot for a knife sharpener and a slot large enough for a cleaver too! The exterior of the station is made from a break-resistant material, to ensure durability and longevity.

Width: 15"
Depth: 15"
Height: 4 1/4"
This San Jamar single-use T- Stick dishwasher thermometer strip makes verifying proper temperatures of steaks and other meats for the correct internal temperature.

They're easy to use and cost-effective compared to other types of thermometers that must be kept properly sanitized and calibrated.

T-Sticks are also great for checking foods like burgers and steaks for the correct internal temperature. Once used, they can be saved as a permanent part of your HACCP records. There are 250 per container.

Available in three colors.

Product codes: TST9341, TST9343, TST9345
Simple, safe, and sanitary. The San Jamar safety wrap station is a completely integrated wrapping system that does it all. With a complete, intelligent redesign, the safety wrap station is faster, safer, and easier to use than ever! Suitable for film or foil!

The safety wrap station from San Jamar accommodates 12"-18" wide rolls of foil OR film (maximum diameter of 5.1" with a 1.2" minimum core diameter), thanks to its included adjustable roll adapters. Since the roll is covered up, you won't have to worry about contamination or damage! The replaceable safety blade is also designed to prevent injuries.

Once you've wrapped your product, you won't have to go searching for dating labels or pens either. The safety wrap station features an integrated dating label dispenser that holds up to 10 rolls of labels, depending on their width, and an integrated tool caddy to keep pens, pencils, markers, and spare cutters right where you need them.

The versatile safety wrap station from San Jamar can be hung on wire shelving or on the wall with the included wall-mounting bracket, so you can put the dispenser exactly where you want it. Plus, the side handles make this unit completely portable.  Available with or without replacable slide cutter.

Product codes: SW1218, SW1218SC
Allergen Saf-T-Zone System (Case, Tongs, Turner, Knife & Cutting Board)
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Allergen Saf-T-Zone System (Case, Tongs, Turner, Knife & Cutting Board)
The San Jamar ASZ121812SYS allergen Saf-T-Zone system is a must-have for any commercial kitchen. This kit comes with a convenient carrying case, 10" stainless steel chef knife, a pair of 12" stainless steel tongs, a 13" stainless steel turner, and the patented 12" x 18" San Jamar purple cutting board.

Embossed with eight different symbols of common food allergens, the cutting board helps remind employees about the importance of keeping foods separate during preparation, and an imprinted ruler on the opposite side lets them measure and cut portions accurately.

A Cut-N-Carry hooked corner makes the cutting board easy to carry, hang, and store, and its integrated Saf-T-Grip feature keeps the board still during use. Like the rest of the Saf-T-Grip cutting board line, the Purple Board's unique co-polymer material withstands long-term high temperature commercial washing, so it won't crack or warp even after repeated cleaning.

The knife, turner, and tongs all come with light purple handles to associate them with the Purple Board system in order to remind employees about the dangers of food allergens. The soft handles fit comfortably into employees' hands, and these tools' stainless steel construction enables them to withstand repeated use and cleaning without rusting, cracking, or warping. Best of all, these durable tools also lets you prepare and manage food at high temperatures.

All material is dishwasher safe. NSF Listed.

Board Dimensions:
Length: 12"
Width: 18"
Height: 1/2"