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Hand-to-Hand Combat
80% of infectious illnesses are transmitted by touch…

Every time a toilet is flushed, up to 10,000 bacteria and viruses are made airborne…

One in three people don’t wash their hands after using the rest room…

Within one hour, 1,000 bacteria on a handle become 16,000—and it takes only 100 bacteria to infect a person…

Compliance for hand washing in most hospitals is only 40%….

When it comes to germs and cross-contamination, the numbers speak for themselves. Cross-contamination occurs when germs are spread from one person to another simply by touch—directly OR indirectly. Once a surface is touched, bacteria is transferred to it, regardless of the length of time the surface was handled.

The public is increasingly aware of the dangers of spreading diseases, with news reports constantly littered with now-familiar phrases like “SARS,” “Avian Flu,” and “pandemic disease.” While these more extreme illnesses might not be attributable to the door handle at the local public bathroom, the fears of cross-contamination are justified nonetheless among Away-From-Home patrons. Not only can the germs found on door handles spread colds and influenzas from person to person, they can also cause more serious
diseases—like meningitis, hepatitis and others.

The fight against germ cross-contamination is in full swing all around the world, as evidenced by the growing number of “touch-free” and other advanced sanitary solutions made increasingly available today. Hygiene Innovation, llc is up for the fight, providing the final and critical component in this hygienic revolution. Incorporating Pūrleve’s proprietary ASD technology in all three product categories, the product line offers patrons a sanitary experience every time they grab the door handle to exit.

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