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Whether a public rest room is clean or dirty, this image has a direct impact on how a business is perceived and judged. Hand dryers have been available for over 50 years, but their significant benefits to our society and environment are just beginning to gain public awareness. Herewith you can find some of those BENEFITS either to the BUYERS or to the USERS.
Benefits to Buyers:
1. Economical
90% Cost Savings vs. Paper Towels The energy to operate a hand dryer is less than 10% of the cost of paper towels, including the elimination of associated labor costs for ordering, storing, replenishing dispensers, collecting and disposing of paper towels.
2. Environmentally
Friendly WHY KEEP ON WASTING? On a global level, the world is rapidly approaching the stage that environmental considerations are no longer a matter of choice. With a high percentage of the world's natural resources already depleted, we see it a task for specifiers of washrooms to provide facilities which are as energy conserving and as environmentally friendly as possible. With no deforestation level, a low energy usage and no pollution risk, the hand dryer leads the field is this regard. Paper towels can be made from recycled materials but cannot be recycled . Therefore, we need to avoid using them whenever possible to keep from adding to our landfills and depleting our natural resources.
3. Zero Generation of Waste
Saniflow hand dryers reduce dependence on natural resources and at the same time generate less waste.
4. Simple Maintenance
SANIFLOW hand dryers are always on and ready to go 24/7 and with no more towel dispensers requiring refills or replacements, there's no more paper waste to pile up. All our Series are designed for easy of maintenance.
5. Promotes Hygiene
The use of SANIFLOW hand dryers allows washrooms to stay cleaner and more sanitary. Picking up and disposing of bacteria-laden paper towel waste is one of the custodians' least favorite tasks. Our touch-free hand dryers eliminate physical contact, thus significantly reducing exposure to harmful bacteria.
6. No more vandalism
SANIFLOW Hand dryers eliminate the vandalism often present with paper towels. As a matter of fact, each SANIFLOW hand dryer comes with a special key system to protect the unit.

Benefits to Users:
1. Convenient
Our hand dryers are always ready for use 24 hours a day. SANIFLOW Hand dryers eliminate the need to wipe hands on a towel and to worry about the maintenance of the washroom, if they refill the paper towels or not.
2. Sanitary
Since using automatic hand dryers, there is absolutely no contact with the hands and no paper waste is generated, it offers the benefit of keeping the washroom environment cleaner and tidier.

Minimal efforts, maximum benefit by using hand dryers.