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Part A: Urinal Trap Acid de-scaler
Part A: Urinal Trap Acid de-scaler

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Product Number: 2025

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This acidic cleaner is the first step in the drain clearing process. It effectively attacks calcium and struvite residues, which tend to coat inner trap-way piping, contributing to drain plugging. It has strong performance, yet is considered to be less hazardous than typical mineral acids like muriatic and sulfuric. Powerful inhibitors make this product non-corrosive to steel and cast iron (no acids are recommended for copper waste piping). It is also considered to be non-corrosive to skin (although it is still considered to be corrosive to eyes).

*Product works quickly on removing inorganic buildup-like calcium phosphate, struvite and hardness that can build up in urinal trapways, wall junctures and sewer piping.
*Powerful detergents help the acid to penetrate stubborn calcium and struvite plugs.
*Considered to be non-corrosive to skin. (although it is corrosive to eyes, so use eye protection when wearing)
*Inhibited formula is non-corrosive to steel and cast iron, and will not harm vitreous.
*Simple neutralizer of baking soda is all that is needed to neutralize acidity into non-hazardous by-products (in case of big spills). Clean up drips or spills immediately.
*Product is compatible with NEUTRAL pH no-water urinal cleaners with no adverse chemical reactions expected. However, it is NOT compatible with products containing bleach or chlorine or disinfectants.

*More effective to treat the urinal when its draining slowly to avoid a complete plug. (NOTE: Heavy trap buildup may require more than one consecutive treatment cycle.
*For most effective result, do not use the urinal for 24 to 48 hours.  However, urinals can be treated and returned to use in 20 minutes if needed.
*Regular monthly use of Purleve's plumbing maintenance system on both no-water and low flow flush urinals can significantly reduce frequency of plugging, urinal downtime and odor.
Item's Included:
  • Purleve Certified cleaning solution.
  • Revolutionary deodorizing and cleaning agent.
  • Highly efficient on a wide variety of applications.
  • Extremely cost effective.

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